Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Frozen Chosen: Rock

Well this is it. The Winter Announcement of the qualifying Platinum Vinyl Award nominees in Rock. This finishes the announcements for the Winter. There were a lot of Rock nominees this time.
  • Dave Barnes - Stories to Tell
  • Jeremy Camp - I Still Believe: #1's Collection
  • Evan Craft - Giants
  • David Crowder Band - Give Us Rest (A Requiem Mass in C) [The Happiest of All Keys]
  • Fireflight - Now
  • Hawk Nelson - The Songs You've Already Heard
  • Kiros - Lay Your Weapons Down
  • Kutless - Believer
  • Cory Lamb - Safe In Your Arms
  • Nine Lashes - World We View
  • Samestate - The Alignment
  • Sent By Ravens - Mean What You Say
  • Worth Dying For - Live Riot
  • The Wrecking - So Much For Love
That finishes it. David Crowder Band goes out with 5 Emeralds and a place in next years PVA's. It stands on its own and wont be a lifetime achievement award. I will return with another edition of Music Video Monday. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.