Thursday, November 10, 2011

God's Not Dead

That's the title of the Newsboys recent worship album, but I guess that was only chosen becuse "The Covering" was already taken (by Stryper). Of the Dozen Songs on the Album, 33% of them are covers (Your Love Never Fails, Mighty to Save, Forever Reign, and Revelation Song)

Now I'm nitpicking here, but what is it with Newsboys and Hillsong, especially Mighty to Save. On the original Born Again album it appeared. Then on the miracles edition it appeared twice, one of them a remix by Family Force Five. Now it's on GND. That's four times on three albums. Other CCM reviewers feel that MTS has been "covered to death" as it is. Perhaps Hillsong should voluntarily retire the song.

On to the album. Despite the Covers, the album shines. Newsboys are back to their pop sound with album. I kind of liked the DC Talk sound on Born Again. Part of My problem with the album is that, it could have been done by anyone. The covers sound almost like the original. Okay, since Kari Jobe doesn't sound anything like Michael Tait, but other than that. Part of what made the original Mighty To Save cover (which is on here) is the screaming guitars, which is not on the Hillsong version.

I'm a rocker, and Skillet Worship is my favorite worship album out there. Beside MTS, all that gets my blood pumping is I am Second to None. It's not enough for me. They should have ratcheted it up.

I'm Sorry. God's Not Dead, but this album is on life support. My final rating 3.75 Emeralds. There are going to be so many good albums coming out in the next eleven months. It's not worthy of a PVA. That hurt, just to say. Next time guys. Until next time I am Awaiting Your Reply.