Friday, November 18, 2011

Bask in the Glory

I Love Instrumental Music. I Hate Instrumental Music. Really, it's one of those dilemma's that St. Paul Had. In Philippians Look it Up (Philippians 1:21-25). Maybe I exaggerate slightly. The reason I have this love/hate relationship with instrumental music is that most of it is so darn relaxing that one is likely toooo Oh sorry, I must have dozed off there. Let's just say don't play this on a long nighttime drive. If you're home and want to chill, this is perfect.

Instrumental music, when it is done right, can be very mood affective. Otherwise it's just background noise.

I once did a presentation in College (a long time ago, we used slides) and used Phil Keaggy's The Wind and The Wheat as my soundtrack. I just let it play. If you've never heard the album, download it, get the CD. It is a must have for any music lover.

Michael W. Smith is like that. When he first appeared on the scene in the '80's he was known already for his Synthesizer/Keyboard skills. The Whole Pop Star thing came later. When Wonder came out last year I was elated. Not because I am a huge Smitty fan. I'm not. I only have Project and Project 2 on vinyl. I was elated because this was the Smitty I liked, the Composer in all his Teshian goodness. Most of the tracks were worthy of a soundtrack.

Glory is fifty minutes worthy of an Epic Movie like The Lord of The Rings Trilogy or The Ten Commandments. It's like a Christmas full of Mannheim Steamroller and Trans-Siberian Orchestra and not a Grandma Got Run over in sight.

This review is a bit light, but in one sense so is an instrumental album. It's hard to say "So and so can't sing worth beans on this album when they're not singing. So let's do it this way. If you're at home and you want to Crank up the stereo and relax with symphonic excellence, well this album is 4.75 Emeralds of greatness. If you want Smitty Pop, it's only worth about 3.75 Emeralds

That should do it for this post. So far it was my toughest to write. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.