Friday, August 16, 2013

Falling Notes: The 2013 First Quarter - Gospel Folk

The lost categories. Back in December of 2012, when these posts were originally posted, there were no entries for Children's Music, Folk Music, and Gospel. Then came the lost entry debacle. A whole closet's worth of entries were found and everything had to be re-tabulated.

At the end of the 1rst Quarter, before the closet of entries were discovered, there were no entries in Children's Music, Folk/Folk Rock, and Gospel. Now that the re-tabulation is complete, there are still no entries for Children's Music. This post will cover the four releases for folk and gospel.

Folk/Folk Rock

  • Warren Barfield - Redbird
  • Shelly Moore - Unravelling
  • Charlie Peacock - No Mans Land
The biggest WOW came from Shelly Moore. This was perfect folk music. Charlie Peacock is a classic. You really have to hear his music.


  • Freddy Washington - The Jesus Record
This has got to be one of the longest layovers between a single (Jesus) and the album it will appear on. Still It was worth the wait.

The other categories will be updated with their additions. Click to access Rock, Modern Worship, Dance/Rap/Pop, and Alternative. I May have missed a few others, so stay tuned. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your reply.