Wednesday, August 21, 2013

MVM Special Edition: It's What You Want

I Was going to say Birthday Giveaway Edition, but I think that would have set +Triberr word censors all a twitter. I think that's multiple points for all those social media references.

The Great WENC Night Beat 3rd Birthday Giveaway is going on over at my Facebook page. You should enter, the prizes are terrific. 4 Winners, 4 Albums, all certified 5 Emeralds, and one Album of The Year.

We begin at the end. Possibly at the end of a legend. Joy Williams and John Paul White, collectively known as The Civil Wars. The duo are having a relationship breakup, but that didn't stop them from making a sophomore release to top Barton Hollow. This is The One That Got Away

From Folk to Rock and a good dose of Industrial. Skillet has come a long way, baby, and they took a chance with a themed album. They struck Platinum. They have done some good videos this time, and I'm going to honor that with two entries. First up we shall rock out with Sick of It.

The problem I have with lyric videos is they are pretty much static, follow the bouncing ball type videos. That is changing, and I am including two lyric videos this time around to prove it. First up is Skillet and their Chronicles of Narnia Themed Not Gonna Die.
We will close out the Lyric Video section from the only entrant to be Album of The Year. Evanescence asked fans to create lyric art on +TuneWiki. The result, while static, somehow syncs in a way that only can happen with Evanescence. Behold The Change.
Finally we close things out with our final Band, Cloud 2 Ground, er, sorry, Shiny Toy Guns. You can run, but I doubt you will find Somewhere To Hide.
That does it for this special edition of Music Video Monday. Go and enter the giveaway on my Facebook Page. Right now your odds are great. Music Video Monday returns on Monday August 26. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.