Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Throwing a Pity Party All By Herself

And You're Not Invited.

One of my fondest memories of my years in Christian Music was the 2001 Inside Out Soul Festival at Loon Mountain, New Hampshire. I was a volunteer with Sparrow Records that year. Now besides the free pass to the festival, and the free swag, the inside track was the best experience.

We had to push a lot of upcoming artists, among them a group by the name of Switchfoot. (I wonder if they ever made it big?). One of the up and comers was a self-styled "garage band" by the name of Superchick. It takes a real man to say you are a Superchick. Cheerleader Rock was what you could call it, complete with Tricia Brock singing through a megaphone, an early band signature.

Fast forward a dozen years. The band has disbanded and members have gone their own ways. The megaphone was long gone, but the fun attitude always remained. Four Studio albums made with fun and plenty of attitude.

Though Superchick may have hung up the megaphone, Tricia is still here. Radiate is the lead singers debut, if you don't count The Road, her worship album under Tricia Brock. It is a fair baton pass. There is worship, rock, and plenty of the sarcasm that Superchick was known for:
Bummed out, it's never enough. Suburban living, she has it rough. She's got almost everything, but there's something missing.
Not enough shoes, not a big enough home. She doesn't even have the latest iPhone. Why does this always happen to her. She's gonna do something about it.
She's throwing a pity party all by herself. Yeah it's a pity party all by herself. A pity party all by herself. And you're not invited.
Solo debuts are a mixed bag, because you remember the band. Tricia has brought the excitement that was Superchick to Radiate . As such it is getting a near perfect rating of 4.75 Emeralds. The Revolution continues. I am Awaiting Your Reply.

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