Monday, August 26, 2013

The Return of Music Video Monday

Welcome Back to Music Video Monday. Things had kind of plateaued back in February, so I made a decision to shut down MVM instead of playing old stuff. Time has passed, and new videos have been released by artists who qualified earlier, new nominees have made videos, and then there are the lost video entries. Things are back to normal.

We Begin with Farah. No, not the 70's Bombshell. This is +Farah Loux , reminding of of the K.I.D.S we can all be.

Continuing with the Kids theme, we go to +yancynotnancy and Not Ashamed, from her Children's Music Nominated Album, Jesus Music Box.

And finally, we go to North Point Kids, from their nominated album Shine, this is the Books of The Bible.

One last thing. Scroll down a little more, and enter the Giveaway for 4 great albums. Welcome back to Music Video Monday. a Rafflecopter giveaway