Monday, February 6, 2012

February New Release Preview

Due to the miracle of scheduling, i.e. that music releases happen on a Tuesday, February gives everyone a free week, since the first Tuesday of the month is the 7th. That being said I am going to take the opportunity to give a mention to releases that will be occuring this month that I am anticipating will make a mark in the PVA judging.

While most of the industry will be looking at Diamonds by Jaci Velasquez on the 7th, I will be following Horace Greeley's advice to "Go West Young Man" and casting the night beats attention to California. Modesto, California to be precise, where Worth Dying For, the youth group worship band of Ammunition Ministry. Love Riot, which came out last February. This is the "live version" of that album, and based on my initial listen, is just as good as the studio version.

Kiros, a Canadian Rock-Alternative Act, at least in my opinion, follows up its debut EP with Lay Your Weapons Down. I was impressed by these guys when they came to Massachusetts as part of the Music With a Mission tour. AOL Music says they sound like Chevelle. Since I gave Chevelle's latest Five Emeralds, I am anticipating listening to this.

A runner up in The Inaugural Platinum Vinyl Awards for Best New Artist, Audrey Assad returns with Heart on Valentine's Day, which this year falls on a Tuesday. If her sophomore release is as good as her debut, then we may be looking at the Winner in Pop in 2012.

The month closes with a bang, provided by Portland, Oregon rockers Kutless. Jon Micah Sumrall and company return with Believer, the band's first release in three years (2009 Worship Project It is Well) and the first non-worship project since To Know that You're Alive in 2008. Though delays can be announced at any time prior to the official release, for the time being this is a great way to end a month.

There are a lot more releases this month, I've just picked a few highlights. Rest assured your intrepid blogger will be tracking them all. Until next time I am Awaiting Your Reply.