Friday, February 17, 2012

Flashback Friday: Daniel Amos

We continue our journey into CCM history using Servant's Jungle Music skit as our guide. When we began our Journey with Stanley and Livingston we discussed their opening band, The Heavy Metal and Female Fronted Rock Band Resurrection Band (which is commonly known as REZ or REZ Band)

If you didn't read the Tribute to REZ, please, click on the link and check it out. This small 90 second or so is a name dropping treasure trove of CCM History. I will briefly mention that the reference is to Awaiting Your Reply (1978) the band's Major Label Debut on Star Song Records.
S: Dr. Livingston I presume!
L: Why Stanley Ole chap, did you bring those rock and roll tapes that I requested?
S: Yes I did Doctor, I brought some Resurrection Band
L: Capitol! I was Awaiting Your Reply.
We now join the conversation in progress.
S: However, I lost the Daniel Amos in the river. It was a pity.
L: How Alarming.
The band and album referenced this time is Daniel Amos, and more specifically, the album Alarma! (1981) the band's fourth album. Losing Daniel Amos in the river is more than alarming, it is quite the tragedy.

Christian music has always been a tale of two Taylors (and I don't mean Swift). In this case the two are Terry Scott Taylor of Daniel Amos (aka DA) and Clone (or is it Clown?) Prince and Political Skewerer (is that a word?) Steve Taylor. We shall eventually come round to Steve, but we shall stay with Terry Today.

Daniel Amos started out as a Country-Rock group at the Prime of the Jesus Music Era, though they were called Jubal's Last Band at the time. They Changed their name to Daniel Amos and released their eponymous debut in 1976. Yes, that's early but even Petra was earlier. By the time their third album Horrendous Disc (1978) they had seen the light and ditched country, becoming the Father of Alternative Rock (though some would attribute that to The Choir, which came along several years later. By the time Vox Humana came out in 1984, the band had a slight complaint.
I thought by now I'd walk the moon
And ride a car without no tires
And have a robot run the vacuum
And date a girl made out of wires
No thing's don't change that much, do they?
We are still out of touch, by now we should discover
Just how to love each other, like Klattus' robot man
Your looks have killed again
The Song was titled "It's the eighties, where's our rocket packs". Well we didn't get rocket packs yet, at least not commercially available ones, but in the midst of break-ups and reunions, Daniel Amos is amazingly, still together and working on new material. A 2011 planned new album didn't pan out, but there is 2012 to hope for.

I finish this edition of Flashback Friday with Sanctuary from the Cornerstone Jesus Rally. Watch and enjoy. Until Next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.