Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gospel Grammy: The Night Beat Prediction, Part One

The Grammy Awards are Sunday Night, and I just heard about it. Now while I don't follow all the Award Shows religiously, I am a music blogger, so I should have been more up on things.

Personally, I am blaming the Grammy Awards themselves. In their reinvention of the awards, they have savaged the CCM portion. I mean, it makes a critic cry (figuratively). I may have been critical of their picks in the past, but there are now really only two categories in the entire show. (In the Interest of full disclosure, there are technically five gospel categories but I am doing a genre combining trick. We Have Gospel and Contemporary Christian Music awards in Song And Album of the Year as well as a combined Gospel/CCM Performance of the Year- Basically 2.5 awards. This one's going to be tough.)

Gospel Music Grammy Nominations

Gospel Album of The Year

  • Kim Burrell - The Love Album
  • Andrae Crouch - The Journey
  • Kirk Franklin - Hello Fear
  • Mary Mary - Something Big
  • Trin-I-Tee 5:7 - Angel & Chanelle Deluxe Edition
Who will win: I think that the Grammy's are going to go with a legend and Pick Andrae Crouch. Crouch is among both Gospel and Christian Music in General a Legend and his albums deserve a place on any 100 Best List.

Who Should Win: From my listening viewpoint, the best of all the albums nominated was Something Big by Mary Mary. It got a near perfect 4.75 Emeralds and really wowed me.

Gospel Song of the Year

  • Kirk Franklin - Hello Fear
  • Sitting With Me - Mary Mary
  • Spiritual - Donald Lawrence
  • Trust Me - Richard Smallwood
  • Window - Canton Jones
Who will win: Honestly, I have no clue, not having regularly heard a lot of these songs, except for clips. Based on the Grammy's quirks, I am going with Kirk Franklin, though I thought the album was only worthy of 4 Emeralds. Reputation usually wins.

Who Should Win: Based on hearing the complete album and having the song in regular rotation in my iTunes library, I would go with Window by Canton Jones. It's a get up and dance type number that is also word based and encouraging. I love it.

For the sake of post brevity, I think I shall hold off the CCM nominations for a second post. Until Next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.