Monday, September 26, 2016

Music Video Monday: Rot

Welcome back to Music Video Monday, where we play the best music videos in Christian Music. We are ready to rock. We begin with Paper Route, which is builing on The Peace of Wild Things and continuing their dominance of the Alternative genre. Here they tell you to live live and Laugh About It.

Next up we have Skillet, a favorite of The Night Beat from the early years. While I still can't get over Korey as a short haired blonde, that is nothing compared to John with a thick beard and mustache. At least we have Korey back on synths doing what makes Skillet sound best, and doing  Worship This is Stars.

And finally, we finally have a Music Video from Lacey Sturm's solo project Life Screams. Like I said when the album originally came out, we may miss her in Flyleaf, but this helps a whole lot. This is Rot.

That does it for this edition of Music Video Monday. Until next week, when we will have more Music Videos for you, I am Awaiting Your Reply.