Thursday, September 8, 2016

#PlatVnyl6: The Year We Broke Facebook

The votes have been tabulated, the results made public, the winners notified. In short #PlatVnyl6 is in the bag. That doesn't mean there wasn't a few glitches. Most notably, our attempt to replicate and awards ceremony via posts fell afoul of Facebook posting limits. Who knew they weren't up to the challenge. We shall pursue other options for #PlatVnyl7. Perhaps we will do a video podcast. I wanted to do that this year but I could not find a proper place to record in silence.

In the near future we shall have the Platinum Vinyl Awards Page on the blog updated with this years results. We will be taking the page down until we finish the update.

#PlatVnyl6 was an awesome year, and I have every expectation that #PlatVnyl7 will exceed it. And that is a scary thought. I am definitely going to need some help one of these days. In terms of the number of award winners, I think we had a record in that single award winners totaled 25 and there were 35 different winners. Nobody ran away with the awards like before, so I guess parity is the word. The big winners were Toby Mac and Red with 4 awards apiece. 4 other artists had 3 awards each.

We have about a month to go until the lid closes on the #PlatVnyl7 entry pool. It will be the biggest yet. I should be greatly pleased. It has grown every year. As a seven year old, it is getting a bit to big to handle alone. Success has growing pains. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.