Monday, September 19, 2016

Music Video Monday: Rise

We are back. The sixth Platinum Vinyl Awards caused havoc with a regular posting schedule, but that is over. However, personal issues laid me low for a week, creating further scheduling problems. We are back starting today. And due to notes I will pick up where I intended to last Monday. 

One of the biggest challenges for #PlatVnyl7 will be duplication. An example. Stryper has the Perfect Fallen album out in Hard Rock. And now Michael Sweet, Stryper's lead singer, puts out a solo perfect album in the same eligibility year, in the same genre. It makes it tough for us raised on the Radio. Making fun of Country. Love It.

One of the big hits from the past awards, which has yet to be updated on the blog, is the Demon Hunter/Project 86 Side Project (Now That sounds awesome right there) NYVES. Though they have recently released a new EP, this is from their #PlatVnyl6 nominated Anxiety. This is Just Give Up, something most assuredly that we will not do.

Finally, another of the #PlatVnyl6 nominees was Dance/Pop Star Abigail Duhon with the Dance Video Dance Up with Spencer Kane. This time out she does a Cover from Katy Perry entitled Rise that shows she really has some vocal chops to be a serious singer. Not perhaps a Lara Landon, but close. Check it out.
That does it for this edition of Music Video Monday. We should be back to our regular weekly posting schedule now, so keep it tuned here. Until next time don't give up. I am Awaiting Your Reply.