Friday, October 31, 2014

A Halloween Replay: Any Day Centered On Candy Can't Be Bad

Happy Halloween From The Night Beat. There, I've said it. That should cost me a few conservative readers. I know the accepted Conservative Christian doctrine is that Halloween is a day cleverly devised to teach our youngsters Devil Worship, Witchcraft and Ritualistic Serial Killing Techniques. GIVE IT A REST! It's all about the Candy.

I was celebrating Halloween from a very early age. I'm told that my first costume was as Jerry The Mouse (Tom & Jerry). It was homemade. I don't remember. I do remember being Little Stinker (a skunk, also homemade, with a wire coat hanger used to keep up the tail). I'm sure there would be some sort of OSHA regulations against such things nowadays.

Growing up in the Cape Cod Housing Projects (they were there, and still are. Stop Laughing), I'm sure I trick or treated around the apartments but I don't remember. I do remember bobbing for apples in the Community Center.

Yesterday (That would be Friday the 28th. I'm doing this post in advance) [That was 2011 - This year it was the 25th] the town I live in had a main street merchant trick or treating walk. I saw a lot of kids going into and coming out of business establishments in search of CANDY. There was nothing disturbing about the scene, except that the parents seemed to try to hit ALL the establishments, not just the ones that had originally signed up. Seeing kids go into an auto parts store and a liquor store was a little disturbing. Exactly what kind of treat were the parents expecting. Chocolate Schnapps, Candy Oil Filters? I digress.

If your town has had Trick or Treating already, I hope it was good. If it's tonight, I wish you much success. Kids, Hide Your Stash Quick. Your Parents need your help.

Since they touted it for Halloween, I give you The Choir, and What You Think I Am.
Any day centered around candy can't be bad. That hits just about all of them. Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Check, Check, Check, Check and Check. Happy Candy Hunting from The Night Beat.