Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bad Moon Rising: The 2014 Platinum Vinyl Awards 4th Qtr - Modern Worship

We have come to the final three. If you've been following things you can do the math and figure out who the big winners are. I already said we had a tie for first. Modern Worship is a big winner every quarter. It's one of the most overrun genres in Christian Music. What Hath Hillsong Wrought? I won't waste any more space. Here is the list.

Modern Worship

  • Bluetree - Worship and Justice
  • Lincoln Brewster - Oxygen: A Worship Album
  • Cadence - Home
  • Covenant Worship - Kingdom
  • Desperation Band - Banner
  • Steffany Gretzinger - The Undoing
  • Hillsong Worship - No Other Name Deluxe
  • Justin Jarvis - Atmospheres
  • New Hope Oahu - Victorious
  • Kathryn Scott - Sing on The Battlefield
  • Rhyan Shirley - High Above
  • Dustin Smith - Coming Alive
  • Summit FutureNow - The Now and The Not Yet
  • Jaye Thomas - Here is My Worship
I can be a bit nitpicky. I didn't like No Other Name by Hillsong, yet with the Deluxe edition I think they hit the right notes. I liked New Hope Oahu better this time around, yet I still wish there was a bit more Holy Ho (as in Don Ho). They're in Hawaii for goodness sake. A little local color would be nice from time to time. The final two are next: Alternative and Gospel. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.