Monday, October 20, 2014

Bad Moon Rising: The 2014 Platinum Vinyl Awards 4th Qtr - Alternative

I've decided to go with Chronological Order here, so of the two I am starting with Alternative. Each genre got 15 nominees to the pool, that's two finals worth IN ONE QUARTER ALONE. Pardon the shouting but that's how big this is. So without further ado:


  • Anberlin - Lowborn
  • Bellarive - Before There Was
  • Climbing Blind - Burn
  • Colony House - When I Was Younger
  • Esterlyn - Love
  • For King and Country - Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong
  • Golden Youth - The Kingdom
  • Gungor - I Am Mountain (Deluxe)
  • Gungor - I Am Mountain (Bonus Material)
  • House of Heroes - Smoke EP
  • Jars of Clay - 20
  • John Mark McMillan - The Borderland Sessions
  • Needtobreathe - 60/50 Oceanway: The Live Room Sessions
  • Switchfoot - The Edge of the Earth: Unreleased Songs from the film Fading West
  • Tenth Avenue North - Islands
Anberlin is going out on top of their game, and that's good for all of us. And Gungor is going to start something with their bonus material release. It makes all of us who buy the original album happy when we can get a deluxe edition without the repeats. Gotta have Gospel to finish. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.