Monday, October 13, 2014

Bad Moon Rising: The 2014 Platinum Vinyl Awards 4th Qtr - Electronic Dance Remixes

Happy Columbus Day everyone. There, that should tick off a few liberals. Yes everyone, due to the magic of scheduling I am here even though we are not. Today is one of those phantom holidays. Hardly anyone outside of banks and government offices celebrate it, the libs hate the guy and everything he stands for, but no one wants to give up a paid day off. Vacating soapbox now.

We finish up our multi-genre posts for this quarter with the electronic trifecta: Dance, Industrial and the Remix. I won't hold it up any longer.


  • Aaron Bagwell - The Sound of Jesus
  • Matthew Parker - Shadowlands 
  • Summit FutureNow - The Now and the Not Yet
  • Waken - Endless Light


  • Jonas Park & David Bollman - Forward
  • Salt of the Sound - Meditations, V1
  • Salt of the Sound - Through The Mist EP
  • Ian Yates - DNA


  • Color Theory - The Best Revenge (Rename Remixes)
  • Amy Grant - In Motion: The Remixes
  • Mandisa - Get Up: The Remixes
  • Matthew Parker and Swedish Revolution - Alive Remixes
  • David Thulin - Reconstruction 2.2
That's a lot of great music, and the announcements are just beginning. Next up is our first single genre post, and, according to tradition, we go from low to high. Adult Contemporary is first out of the gate with 7 entries. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.