Monday, July 2, 2012

Music Video Monday: Stay Close

Indecision wreaks havok with the schedule. Astute readers of The Night Beat will have already wondered "What happened to Flashback Friday?" All last week I was torn between two different Flashback Friday posts, and before you know it, Friday was Saturday.

Here is the amended schedule. We shall have Music Video Monday as usual. Tomorrow will be the post that should have happened Friday, and then we will have a special Independence Day Post Scheduled for Wednesday. After that we shall see.

Welcome to Music Video Monday. As promised last week, we finish with our 2nd Quarter 2012 Videos in the Rock Category. We begin on a soft note, with Kutless, and the Lyric Video for Carry Me To The Cross, from Believer.

Now we Crank it Up with new Tooth and Nail band Nine Lashes. This is the Anthem of The Lonely  from The World We View.

Next up is Sent By Ravens, who tells us to Mean What You Say. That can be hard to take when they say that We're All Liars.

Last year Worship Rockers Worth Dying For were out to Destroy. This year they know, what was destroyed, they must now Rebuild, from Live Riot.

And Finally we close with one of our favorite bands, Fireflight. Dawn and company urge us to Stay Close.

That brings this edition of Music Video Monday. Next monday we will start with the 3rd Quarter releases, and we will have a special MVM Style post Wednesday in honor of Independence Day. Fireworks (video style) will be provided for those whose communities have cancelled them. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.