Monday, July 16, 2012

Music Video Monday: Wonderful

Welcome to Music Video Monday, where we show the top Music Videos in the CCM World. We are now in the midst of the third quarter releases, which just ended last month. It feels good to be caught up, so to speak.

This time around we have a surprise, Modern Worship Videos. We just don't get many of them. Both MW and Gospel usually don't do videos.

We begin with Desperation Band from New Zealand. Their new album Center of It All has a woman doing this cool Middle Eastern sounding yell. The Song is called Our God is Coming. Unfortunately I couldn't find a video for that, but this is Wonderful.

We move on to Bluetree. The band is part of our latest "invasion" in Christian Music. Like Rend Collective, they hail from Northern Ireland. This is Jesus Healer from Kingdom

I think we shall stay with the Mother Country and her former colonies. We began with New Zealand and moved over to Northern Ireland. We shall now take on the band most responsible for merging Rock Music with Worship. Sorry Australia, it's not Hillsong. It's Delirious? from Britain. This quarter The Cutting Edge Years was released. This is a Video of History Makers to honor it..

That is a fitting way to end this edition of Music Video Monday. I really miss Martin and Company. They really need to rethink retirement. Until Next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.