Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sonic Awakening: 3rd Qtr Nominees - Pop

Before I begin with the task at hand, a welcome and a little gloating. The Night Beat began (apart from a now deleted 4th of July Post) on July 8, 2010. Though I knew that I wasn't the only fish in the sea, I didn't know who they were at first. One of the first competitors I discovered was Jays Muzik Blog. Well, he started just before me and I Survived Him! So to all of Jays readers, I hope you will choose to make the WENC Night Beat your new home.

Continuing our announcing of the 3rd Quarter 2012 releases (for PVA Eligibility, that 3rd Quarter is April - June 2012). We move on to the Pop Music Genre. While the genre as a whole has been very well represented, not so much this quarter. There were only five entries this quarter. Considering that I will narrow things down to Seven nominees at the end, five sounds pretty good. However, considering the Pop Pool is now thirty strong, that means that the first two quarters contributed twenty-five, so that puts things in perspective.

Pop Music

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