Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sonic Awakening: 3rd Qtr Nominees - Modern Worship

Continuing with the announcement of the Spring Releases which crossed the initial bar to qualify for the pool of entries eligible for the Platinum Vinyl Awards. This of course only means they get to be judged, but if you don't make the pool, you can't win.

We move on to the Modern Worship genre. No one who is remotely knowledgeable about Christian Music should be surprised that this pool is an extremely large one. It seems these days that just about every Church has produced a worship album, and those that haven't yet are probably in the studio as I write. Most are good, and some are great. It is my job to weed out the great from the good.

Modern Worship

  • Bluetree - Kingdom
  • Delirious - The Cutting Edge Years
  • Deluge - Swell
  • Desperation Band - Center of it All
  • Maranatha - Top 25 Praise Series Classics
  • Christy Nockels - Into The Glorious
  • Planetshakers - Heal Our Land
  • Travis Ryan - Fearless
  • Stuart Townend - The Ultimate Collection
  • Phil Wickham - Singalong 2
All of these albums were above par, rising above the typical Hillsong Copy. The live album by Phil Wickham is also outstanding in the audience participation, though his voice did crack on the high notes a few to many times.

Three down, eleven to go. Stay with me as the results are revealed. Also stay with me tomorrow as we have a special Flashback Friday as I review the 30th Anniversary Re-Issue of More Power To Ya. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.