Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summerfest: Rock the Lakes Edition

If you could catch some of the top acts in Christian Music today for free, what would it be worth to you? This isn't a trick question. You can volunteer at a festival for the festival promoter or for a lot of the exhibitors and you can usually get your ticket for free, but that's not what I'm talking about either. If you get that opportunity, though, go for it. I attended one Soulfest (I believe it was 2000) where I worked with Sparrow Records. A few hours a day saved me about $100 or so for the festival pass.

Back in the early days of Christian Rock the Music and The Ministry were of equal importance. An altar call at the end of the concert was not uncommon. It's not that common these days. Unless a ministry sponsors the concert.

Rock the River (or Lakes or Pond) is a minifest (2 days does not make a festival, just like 2 movies in 2 days does not make a miniseries) put on by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The lineup is top notch. There is a short sermon by Franklin Graham. (You were expecting Billy?). There are four of them this year.
  • Rock The Lakes, Rochester, NY June 16 & 17 - Sahlens Stadium - Newsboys headlines this one, along with Michael W. Smith, Canton Jones, The Almost and Trip Lee.
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  • Rock The Lakes, Green Bay, WI August 18 & 19 - Leicht Memorial Park  - Skillet has Saturday all to themselves. Did I mention it's free. Sunday Michael W. Smith, The Afters and The City Harmonic.
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  • Rock The Lakes, Buffalo, NY September 22 & 23 - Coca Cola Field - Fireflight makes Saturday worth the wait, and on Sunday, Rend Collective, Smitty, and Reilly (Three words: Dueling Rock Violin)
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  • Rock The River, Ottawa, ONT September 29 & 30 - Parc Brittania Park - For the Canadians. Saturday, Three words: THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH. Michael W. Smith and the Afters lead up Sunday.
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At all of these events Lacey Sturm, lead singer for Flyleaf, will be speaking along with Franklin Graham. Unfortunately Flyleaf themselves will not be performing.

The concerts start at 4pm and go to about 9 or 10. I was privileged to watch the Calgary and Edmonton Concerts on the Internet back in 2010, the 2 hour time zone change made for late watching.

If you're in the area I would recommend turning out to see these great artists. You can sit through a sermon. You'd sit through a time-share pitch for a Disney or Vegas Trip, and this would be of more lasting consequence. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.