Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summerfest: International Edition

This is a somewhat quick post for all the European and International readers of The Night Beat. You're out there, my blogger stats tell me. Other than the U.S. and Canada (#1 & #4), My top  10 includes Ireland, Russia, France, Germany, The United Kingdom and some others.

Most Christian Music Festivals are U.S. Centric, but not all. Some of the biggest known festivals are International, and while some of the U.S. and Canadian bands show up, a lot of these showcase local talent.
  • Frizon Festival (August 8-12, 2012) This is in Orebro, Sweden, smack dab in the middle between Oslo and Stockholm. Most of the artists are Scandinavian, though MxPx is among the few artists from the United States.
  • Flevo Festival (August 16 - 19, 2012) Once you're done in scandinavia head on over to the lowlands. This one is in the Netherlands. Lights is at this one. Need I say more.
  • Greenbelt Festival (August 24 - 27, 2012) This is a euro-centric festival with no major U.S. Artists appearing. Bruce Cockburn is a Canadian, but I don't think in the top tier anymore. There is quite a lot to take in at this U.K. fixture.
  • Parachute Festival (January 24 - 27, 2013) For all those in the Other Hemisphere, this is your festival. It's in New Zealand. Considering the procrastination time that avails you, there is very little on their official site yet. I'll keep you posted.
That does it for the festival preview. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.