Sunday, October 30, 2011

Heating It Up: Platinum Vinyl Awards 4th Quarter Nominees- Pop

We come to Pop Music. Now this is an overloaded category if there ever was one. Just about everything, if it is not obviously Rock & Roll, could be categorized as Pop Music. If you use a true definition, as popular music, then just about anything people like fit here. For sanity's sake, of course, I use the more restrictive, non rock definition.

Platinum Vinyl Awards 4th Quarter Nominees

So Basically, the definition is, if it's not Rock (loud), but still bouncy, it's Pop. But if it's too bouncy, it's dance, and if there are heavy use of Synthesizers, it's not only dance but Techno. You Can see how this can get confusing.

Pop Music

  • Jessa Anderson - Not Myself Anymore
  • Big Daddy Weave - The Ultimate Collection
  • Steven Curtis Chapman - Re: Creation
  • Jason Gray - A Way to See In the Dark
  • Shaun Groves - Third World Symphony
  • Matt Hammitt - Every Falling Tear
  • Mat Kearney - Young Love
  • Dara Maclean - You Got My Attention
  • Matt Maher - The Love In Between
  • Jon McLaughlin - Forever If Ever
  • Manic Drive - Epic
  • Geoff Moore - Saying Grace
  • Ginny Owens - Get In I'm Driving
  • Andrew Peterson - Above These City Lights (Live)
  • Robert Pierre - I'm All In
  • V.Rose - V.Rose
  • Selah - Hope For the Broken World
Eight down and only three to go. Whew. Stay with me as I complete the fourth quarter roll out of the initial nomination pool of the Platinum Vinyl Awards. As always. I am Awaiting Your Reply.