Friday, October 28, 2011

Heating It Up: Platinum Vinyl Awards 4th Quarter Nominees - Alternative

Moving on with the Fourth Quarter Nominations. For those new on the scene, the year of eligibility for the Platinum Vinyl Awards is October 1-September 30. So the fourth quarter is the summer months of July, August and September, hence "heating it up".

2011 Platinum Vinyl Awards 4th Quarter Nominees

We come to the Alternative Rock genre. Again, the genre was well represented, with ten entries this quarter alone. Let's get to it.

Alternative Rock

  • Daniel Bashta - The Sounds of Daniel Bashta
  • DecembeRadio - Southern Attic Sessions
  • Divided by Friday - Prove It
  • Gungor - Ghosts Upon The Earth
  • Kiros - Outlaws & Prodigals
  • Mikeschair - A Beautiful Life
  • Rush of Fools - We Once Were
  • Sidewalk Prophets - These Simple Truths (Deluxe Edition)
  • Southbound Fearing - Southbound Fearing
  • Switchfoot - Vice Verses (5)
There are a few multiple entrants here. Daniel Bashta is here and in Modern Worship, and Switchfoot is here and in Rock. We'll keep things going, hopefully one a day, and get through the genre based nominations in a week. As Always, I am Awaiting Your Reply.