Monday, October 24, 2011

Surrender to "The War Inside"

I have been a fan of Switchfoot from the beginning. I first learned of them while working for Sparrow Records at the Inside Out Soul Festival in 2000. Learning To Breathe was yet to come out. The "Surf Band" from San Diego has continually improved from its start with The Legend of Chin. Arguably the best known current CCM/Crossover band (could be a tie with P.O.D.), they are known for their radio friendly hits, such as "I Dare You To Move" "Learning to Breathe" "New Way to be Human", and now "Souvenirs" and "Vice Verses".

Of Course, in my opinion the best part of Switchfoot is the Rock, and Dark Horses is the song that should be the crowd favorite at concerts, and Rise Above It should be right on its heels. Afterlife kicks off things, and it gets it off to a rocking start, and we are in a rocking mode for the first three songs, with the Original and The War Inside. Of the first three songs, the last is my favorite. It has a electronic edge to it.

Things slow down for Restless, which should join I Dare You To Move among top Switchfoot ballads. Souvenirs should also get heavy radio play. I gave Vice Verses a preliminary 5 Emerald Rating, and after repeated listening I have decided not to adjust that. It is one of the last albums in for the 2011 Platinum Vinyl Awards.

This has been a difficult post to write and Blogger is getting temperamental. I will wrap it up here. As Always, I am Awaiting Your Reply.