Monday, October 11, 2010

The Heat is On: TBSF Summer 2010-Rock

The Rock Genre is getting pretty crowded these days, and this summer's quality entries aren't helping whittle things down in Platinum Vinyl Award contention.  I am thinking that to make this entry more manageable, I will eventually have to split things in two.  I am thinking of calling the two categories Classic Rock and Hard Music.  That way we can keep the Fireflight fans from the Haste the Day fans, and everyone should be happy. Until that happens, here is the unsifted list of nominees in Rock:
(D) Indicates a Debut Release and nomination for Best New Artist

For my review of 7th Symphony and my reasons for inclusion in PVA contention Click Here

I don't see why Lincoln Brewster and Disciple wouldn't make most best of lists. BarlowGirl should, but it is a best of album.  Enough Hard Music enthusiasts might exist to put in a good word for The Showdown.  I don't think anyone has heard of Evolett, and that's a shame, and the same might go for Kerrie Roberts and Heather Williams.  See above for the reason Apocalyptica wouldn't be included. I think they are all worthy.