Sunday, August 29, 2010

Precious Metal

7th Symphonythe seventh release by Finnish Cello-Metal band Apocalyptica, is a work of fine art, no pun intended.  For the "traditional" metal head, there are plenty of screaming guitar work, but the addition of strings, particularly the cello (I know, it's hard to fathom, but it works for Skillet), brings a fresh feel to the album.  Not being a strictly Christian release, I may have to exclude it from consideration for Platinum Vinyl Awards, but I am looking for loopholes for admission.  Let me consider the evidence:
  • Of the Ten cuts on the album, over half, specifically six, are instrumental.  There is no such thing as Christian or Secular Instrumentals, it's just music.
  • Of the Four Vocal Tracks, all are "clean" songs that should appeal to anyone and one, Broken Pieces, is sung by Lacey Mosely, the Lead Singer of Flyleaf, a Christian Hard Rock band.
Right Now, I am still unconvinced on its final status, but am wavering.  On the merits of the music, however, 5 emeralds.  It is a great album.

Update 10/10/10: I remain convinced that this is a 5 Emerald Album, and I am placing it in nomination for a Platinum Vinyl Award in the Rock Genre for the 3rd Quarter (July-Sept) of 2010.

Update 02/15/11: Late Update-But as of 1/17/11 Apocalyptica made the Final 7 Nominees for the Platinum Vinyl Awards in Best Album, Hard Rock