Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Best So Far: An Introduction

I had originally planned this post earlier, giving my picks for the best CCM releases for the first six months of 2010.  However, even using 1 minute Amazon clips to make my decision, this has proven a much more daunting task than I had originally anticipated.  Rather than wait until I am finished, and at this rate that may be 2011, I will be making these posts a work in progress, continually adding, and maybe, even dropping entries.  The posts will be grouped by genre.

Update: Due to a marathon effort, I raced through the initial listenings of all the releases in the first 6 months.  At least those I could gather from new release lists.  If the cuts wowed me, it was nominated.  If it didn't it was ingloriously dropped from contention.  Honorable Mentions only come with the finals here, not the nominations.

As of now, you artists will have to be content with a Virtual Award (i.e. Mention on this Blog and on Twitter.  There is no piece of metal to give.  Only my recognition.