Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Last One Standing

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday, the most recent release by 12 Stones, Wind-Up Records most prominent Christian band (Creed and Evanescence being the other two) is a too-short 5 song EP that bridges the gap between alternative and the fringe.  The last cut, enemy, reminds me very much of Skillet.  All in all 12 Stones now sounds like Pillar before Pillar decided to sound like Red. Lead Vocalist Paul McCoy comes through Loud and Clear on majestic rock anthems such as We are One, and even does a good thrash/metalcore growl.  A CD that clocks in at under 20 minutes is way to short for a 3 year absence. If you've never heard of 12 Stones before, this is a good first purchase.  If you came in like I did with the first album and the Creed like vocals, I think you will say that they have matured into a very good sound.  It has been said that a Rolling Stone gathers no moss, well these 12 stones will not just Disappear.  I Give the Only Easy Day Was Yesterday by 12 Stones 5 Emeralds.