Friday, October 15, 2010

The Heat is On: TBSF Summer 2010-Modern Worship

The best of this Summer's music continues with the Modern Worship genre.  While some may bemoan the fact that Modern Worship is a genre, the fact is that it is. But that doesn't mean that an artist cannot drop in and out of the genre.  If an alternative or rock artist produces a "worship album", it will go in the Modern Worship genre, if there are only a few worship songs on an album otherwise classified as Rock, Alternative, Pop or another genre, it will either only be classified with its musical genre or will be placed in both. With that in mind, here are the Modern Worship entries for this summer.
The requirements are simple.  Every song must be "vertical", there must be enough of a beat and energy to avoid drifting off into sleep, and it must be authentic.  It should not be flat, the listener should feel drawn into the worship experience. By those standards Jeremy Camp's We Cry Out did not make final cut.  It was flat and I was not drawn in. By means of Full Disclosure, I am not a Jeremy Camp fan, but neither am I Casting Crowns fan.  However my only gripe with the Casting Crowns album is at only 8 songs it is too short.  It fits all the other rules.