Friday, October 15, 2010

The Heat is On: TBSF Summer 2010-Dance/Electronica/Techno

We continue our look at the best of this Summer with Dance/Electronica/Techno genre. There weren't too many entries in this category but just enough to justify it's own blog entry.  Here they are:
(D) Indicates a debut release, Best New Artist consideration.

I have included Kerrie Roberts in this category as well. While her hardest song is Rock, most of the album has enough electronic influence to classify it as Dance as well.

The Dance genre is possibly the most generous to get into, all you have to have is a well produced album, with music that makes you want to dance, and vocals (if there are any) that are up to the task.  By Way of example this year Kerrie Roberts releases a well produced dance album, with the music that makes you want to dance and her vocals are never eclipsed by the loudest music. On the other hand, Natalie Grant released a well produced album which could also fit into the dance genre, and the music certainly made you want to dance, but, when the volume went up Grant disappeared.  Her vocals simply are not up to the task, unlike Roberts and Tiffany Lee (aka Plumb).  That's why Roberts is in and Grant didn't make the cut.