Monday, October 11, 2010

The Heat is On: TBSF Summer 2010-Pop

Now that Autumn is in force it is proper to return to another roundup of The Best So Far for the Summer Months (July-Sept).  At least this time I'm tackling three months instead of six. Without further ado I shall explore the best in the Pop genre that will pass, along with the first batch of entries into the first elimination round for the Platinum Vinyl Awards in early January. (I honestly hope to have a full cutdown to 5 like the Grammy's, but it might be more reasonable to vote on a top 10 for each genre.) The new additions for Pop are as follows:
(D) Indicates a Debut Release, Best New Artist Nomination

Most likely The Newsboys and Smitty are on everyone's list, but the two others may escape notice.  They haven't escaped the Night Beat's notice though.