Thursday, October 13, 2016

Too Late To Apologize

A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but a song with different words is usually a parody song. Now I kind of grew up on Parody Songs. Back in the day "Weird Al" Yankovik was the Parody King. (He started in 1983). Now Weird Al knew the rules of a successful parody: 1.) Choose a Song That is Popular but not really Beloved. One that deserves to be made fun of. 2.) Keep it very close to the original and 3.) Make sure that people don't get bored with the parody and return to the original. (And with Songs Like Another One Rides The Bus, My Bologna, and Eat It, I don't think that was much of a problem). Oh, and there is one more rule. Don't Blaspheme The Holy Things.

And that rule brings me to my topic. The Christian Parody Song. In the CCM world the role is filled by a group called ApologetiX (named for the Christian Doctrine Apologetics: "The Art of Shoving Your Beliefs Down Other Peoples Throats When No One Asked"--Yes, yes, I know. The Art of Defending The Faith. Word of Faith Pet Peeve). I was introduced to them one Soulfest and was not impressed. Especially when they turned Hotel California by The Eagles into a Christmas Parody Hotel can't afford ya. What part of no room don't you understand. Sloppy Bible study not tolerated here.

During the final quarter of 2016 ApologetiX put out 2 albums, and the Night Beat verdict is Split. I didn't care much for Minor League, which despite the title is about the "Minor Prophets" of the Bible, not Baseball's feeder system. But With songs like Obed-Edom, Obadiah (Ob-la-de-Ob-la-da Life Goes On) which I personally think is one of the most irritating songs out there, right up there with Marezy Doats, I didn't really care for it. But then when they Blasphemed the holy things with Man On The Run (Band On The Run). You Don't touch Paul McCartney and Wings, especially Band on The Run. I gave it a Miss The Mark Grade (once I found it. Amazon was slow on posting).

So I approached Quilt ready to give it a bad mark as well, but surprise, surprise, I actually liked it. Part of the reason is that they stuck to the rules. They didn't poke fun at any holy things. While a few of the songs are on the Teen Memories List they kind of beg parody. (for example The Bangles Walk Like an Egyptian turned into Bought By An Egyptian or Madonna's Like A Virgin turned into Lotsa Versions. Hey for that one it begs anything that rhymes. They could have done a song about caviar called Like a Sturgeon). More importantly they didn't try to "force" any songs. The biggest Stretch is Nancy Sinatra's These Boots are Made for Walking being turned into These Books God Made You're Mocking, but if you go with Proverbs Wisdom saying she will mock, it might work.

No surprise then, that I am handing out a split rating. For a late July rating for Minor League, I am handing out a not ready for the big leagues rating of 3.50 Emeralds. Quilt sun a better product, and got an honest 4.50 Emeralds. Either one is for fun since I really wouldn't know where to put them. There really aren't many parody artists in CCM. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.