Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Dove Wrap: 2016 Edition - Album Results

Well, this is one of those delayed posts I was talking about. I will progress through the results as I covered them. So that will be Album, Song and The General Field. I will link the prediction posts to save room here, and I hope that I can finish this in one post.

We start with the Album of The Year Awards. Like I said in that post, an album is more important than a song in that it is more difficult to make. We begin with Adult Contemporary/Inspirational Album of The Year. I shocked all of my regular readers when I picked Hillsong Open Heaven/River Wild. You see, I am a regular critic of the Church as it has spawned such a crop of copycats that it has almost wrecked the Modern Worship genre. Plus the fact that for the past few years the releases have had a "mailed in" quality, lacking fire. But I liked this one. It was the best Hillsong release in years. However the Dove Awards liked Amanda Cook and Brave New World better. (Score: 0/1)

Next up was Worship Album of The Year. I went with Let It Echo by Jesus Culture. The Doves went with Hillsong. Hillsong United and Empires. I panned the album for #PlatVnyl6 and it Missed The Mark. (Score: 0/2).

Moving On to Contemporary Gospel/Urban Album. I felt that the best album of the available choices by far was Kirk Franklin Losing My Religion and to my surprise so did the Doves. (Score: 1/3). I guess even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

The final Album Award that I made a pick for was Pop/Contemporary Album of The Year. They had a full slate of albums for this one, and it was difficult for me to pick. Of course they had Hillsong United here as well (a Miss The Mark for the PVA's) as well as This Is Not A Test by Toby Mac, an excellent album, though not particularly Pop. Perhaps Dance, Perhaps Rock, and Perhaps Rap, but not Pop. I went with Big Daddy Weave and Beautiful Offering. Well I may have felt that Toby Mac was miscast here, but not the GMA. They said This Is Not A Test. I guess I failed here. (Score: 1/4) 0.250 after the album portion of my predictions. 

Remember when I said I wanted this to be done in one post. Yeah, me neither. Wishful thinking. The Song Award recap will be next. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.