Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rising Beats: The 2014 Third Quarter - Pop

Continuing with our announcement of the Pool Eligible entries for #PlatVnyl5 in the Platinum Vinyl Awards. (Can you believe we are soon going to be around for 5 years, and growing every year. God is good). We move on to to pop, and not a syrupy one among them. It's all natural sugar here.

Pop Music

I was pleased with Francesca Battistelli's return to pure pop this quarter (she had gone a bit too far in the country direction lately. An unfortunate side effect when the labels are in Nashville). I was also surprised with the placement of V. Rose here. Based on her debut I was expecting another dance album, but no, she went with traditional pop this time. We move on. Rock is next. I am Awaiting Your Reply.