Thursday, July 31, 2014

Great Expectations

Can an album suffer from Schizophrenia? You would think not, since the album is not in itself a living thing. But since it is recorded by living breathing people you have to wonder.

I bring that up because, if there is such a thing as a schizophrenic album, then Time Stands Still by Family Force Five is one of them. (The link is for a pre-order, since the album doesn't come out until August 5. Amazon is letting you stream it for free, so check it out and make a decision for Yourself.)

Why do you say that, you say? Mostly because of Expectations. My experience with FF5 started with Business Up Front/Party In The Back. The style of Music was described as Krunk, and it was definitely not your average rock and roll. It took off. This album is definitely not Krunk. It's half krunk. That half, which I really like, actually starts off the album. 

  • 1- Sweep The Leg
  • 2- BZRK
  • 6- Glow In The Dark
  • 7- Raised By Wolves
  • 8- Jet Pack Kicks
  • 11 - Everybody Lose Your Mind
  • 12 - Dance Like Nobody's Watching
Most of these songs are classic FF5 and some have even a TFK feel. But then something happened. Maybe it has something to do with Solomon Olds leaving the band. But somewhere in the studio they said "Hey, Let's try to sound like a boy band". And that is the second album on the album

  • 3- Show Love
  • 4. Time Stands Still
  • 5- Walk on Water
  • 9- XRAY
  • 10. Let it Be Love
  • 13. When Everything Changes
  • 14. Never Say Never
  • 15.This Is My Year
What we have here is an Anthem Lights Album, and that wouldn't be so bad except the label says Family Force 5. XRAY should be particularly cringe-worthy for a lot of FF5 fans. That being said, it's not a particularly bad album. It's just "meh". So I am giving it an appropriate rating of 3.5 Emeralds. No it won't be in the pool. Not even close.

Here's hoping the next FF5 album returns to form. Great Expectations, it can bite you every time. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.