Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rising Beats: The 2014 Third Quarter - Metal Remixing Instrumental

We are down to one quarter. If this were horse racing, we would be just making the final turn. In this case, the straightaway to the finish line is three months long,. Even soccer's Gooool guy can't hold a note that long.

There were plenty of entries this time around, and as usual, a few genres benefited. Only one genre (Electronic-Industrial) was left out due to no entries, but five genres (Remix, Hard Rock, Instrumental, Adult Contemporary, and Children's) has less than five entries each. Five entries is the mark I have set for a genre to merit its own post. These five will be combined.

Remix Album

Instrumental Album

Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

I have linked all the listings so that you can buy the mp3 version from Amazon, of which The Night Beat is an associate. You will help us at the same time. Pretty Cool, huh. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.