Wednesday, December 4, 2013

You Left Me Shattered

I like to think I do things a little differently here at the WENC Night Beat. Especially in regard to Song of The Year nominations for the Platinum Vinyl Awards. The Major Awards and I usually don't see Eye to eye when it comes to radio singles, from which the nominees are picked.

Maybe it's just that I don't get the whole process. I thought you wanted to release the strongest songs to radio in order to get people to buy the album. 

Case in point, Rebuild by The Letter Black. The radio singles are Pain Killer and Found. One anthem, one ballad. Batting .500 isn't bad. Hey, it's better than Ted Williams, but it could have been 1.000. Unlike some, I personally loved Found. There are a lot of FFR bands now in Christian Music, and all of them do anthems extremely well. The ballads, however, is where we separate the platinum from the rest. Some just can't pull it off. Sarah Anthony, however, has a simply beautiful voice. Found and Outside Looking In are showcases for her voice. Found has strings as well, and great orchestration. Simply, it sounds majestic. Great Choice.

Pain Killer, eh. The Video is intriguing, and we shall get to that soon enough when we begin the new Videos. But it it far from the best rock anthem on the album. If you want loud, you should go with Up From The Ashes. That is an excellent song, and is the hardest and loudest on the album. Better overall though would have to be Break Out. 

The Best Song on the album? Hands down that would have to be Shattered. It's sort of a hybrid between the two styles, and it absolutely burrows into your brain. I see it as a getting over a breakup song, as opposed to a love song.

You left me shattered, but I'm so over it. I put back the pieces just to see if they still fit.
You left me shattered, but I'm stronger from this. I'm doing just fine, and now you're only wasting your time. 
It's also a duet between Sarah and her husband Mark (no J Lo jokes please). There really aren't that many honest lyrics like this in Christian Music
You tried to make believe you're the best part of me
You words cutting me in two
But now I realize I gave you love you gave me lies
The worst part about me was you
Like I said, honesty. And it is in that vein that I am giving Rebuild by The Letter Black a near perfect score of 4.75 Emeralds. If you love to rock you will love The Letter Black. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.