Sunday, December 29, 2013

Unwrapping The Christmas (Jewel) Box

As in Christmas Music, folks. Since Orthodox Christmas is on January 7, I figure I still have got a little time to share my favorite Christmas Tunes from this season. Since there were a bunch of holiday releases, I have decided to keep it to 4.75 or 5 Emeralds. I will begin with those that are

Wise-Men Approved

And now the ones that just short of wowed me, or

Semi-Precious Glitter

Last time around I didn't like Mannheim Steamrollers release, which is a rarity. While I love the electronics most times, this live symphony version works. Face it, for all the bells and whistles, Mannheim Steamroller is a Prog-Rock outfit, and bands like them and Iona just love working with Symphonies. It works big time.

The Unwrapping is complete. Order through the links and support The Night Beat at the same time. Happy New Year. I am Awaiting Your Reply.