Friday, May 24, 2013

#PlatVnyl3 - Video of The Year

A category having its debut this year, Video of The Year honors the Music Video, once responsible for launching two cable networks (VH1 and MTV), now it is the red headed stepchild of the industry.

Judging in this category skews heavily to the visual element. The song could be simply average, yet when combined with the video it becomes unforgettable. Of course, both parts could be equally strong. A weak video and a strong song would not be considered, however.

Due to the visual element, the nominees for the video categories were reduced from the usual seven to five.
Each of the nominated videos is a striking visual image in itself. From the Flashdance inspired Timing is Everything where Lights proves the truism that "something red always draws the eye" to the dystopian nightmare that is "The Proof of Your Love". In retrospect, perhaps Valerie (Lights) should have drenched herself with water (a la Jennifer Beals), because the judges went with the St. James Gang instead of her (For King and Country is Joel and Luke Smallbone, brothers to Rebecca St. James). Also on to the next round was a tale of Life, Love and Death that would impress even Evanescence. Carry You by Close Your Eyes.

When the smoke cleared, however, Walt Disney carried the day. Well, Pixar at least. Satellites and Sirens made an album of cover songs and then created a music video for each of them. They were all good, some silly, and a few notable. Among the latter category was a cover of The Civil Wars Poison and Wine. They used a montage of images from Pixar's UP, and it is a real tear-jerker.

Yes, the judges wept. If you don't while watching, then perhaps you need a hearse for your black heart. Just a few more to go. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.