Thursday, May 9, 2013

#PlatVnyl3 - The Award Show Survivor

The music industry is changing, and the industry, to be civil, is clueless. I took time to vent at the industry this winter, so I wont repeat myself here. It is safe to say that a mantra of the industry is that iTunes saved the music business, but that is only partially true. The industry may still die.

  • Crowdsourcing: Kickstarter and others have weakened the position of the labels, so they no longer have the upper hand in the negotiations. If tensions arise between Label and Artist, the artist leaves, starts a kickstarter campaign, and is usually the better for it. Talk about taking the bull by the horns.
  • iTunes and Amazon Music are, in some cases, the only avenues an artist takes. I have noticed a "download only" option for as much as a year before a physical CD is released
  • Youtube had De-commercialized the Music Video, though the labels are desperately trying to control that medium by pulling down videos.
The latest changes are in the award show industry. Surprisingly, the changes seem to favor the little guy. The Platinum Vinyl Awards hasn't, as of yet, been able to get into the "Swag Stream" to obtain free CD's to review. Our decisions are based upon purchases, free album streams, and song samples. That being said, we at Night Beat HQ haven't had any shortage of material to review. Funny the big boys can't find it. The Gospel section of the Grammy Awards is officially a joke. Three awards this year. And the Dove Awards skipped their spot in the rotation in April, and will be going from April 2012 to October 15, 2013. Now that pushes them past #PlatVnyl3 and into the beginning of the nomination pool for #PlatVnyl5. They will have missed a whole year of entries.

I will be posting results as they come in on the Award Page, and will be doing blog posts as I can. Keep with me, share the results and make your comments below, or use #PlatVnyl3 on Twitter. I am trying to get some buzz going. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply. Now, about that swag...