Wednesday, May 22, 2013

#PlatVnyl3 - Female Vocalist of The Year

Though the same rules apply to the Female Vocalist as the Male Vocalist, the fact is that the shenanigans are not as present here. Usually because most of the ladies record under their own names and not under a band. That is changing though: (i.e. Amy Lee of Evanescence; Hayley Williams of Paramore, etc), so shenanigans may abound in the future.

Since there are more ladies recording under their own name, that usually means there will be a bigger nominee pool for FVY. There were, but we managed to narrow it to 7.

  • Audrey Assad
  • Sara Groves
  • Lara Landon
  • Sarah Macintosh
  • Lindsay McCaul
  • Moriah Peters
  • Beckah Shae
Both McCaul and Peters would be classified as New Artists as well, so you can't accuse us of holding out until someone "proves themselves". We recognize talent up front.

Of course, one can't help it when the judges almost literally "fall in love" with an artist. And who can disagree anyhow? A "voice" that can carry off any style of music they choose, soar above the loudest instruments or whisper with a sultry style that best is described as "torch singer." That combination carried her above the unique Macintosh, the Powerful Peters, the powerful vocals of Assad. Their time will come. This year, however, the Female Vocalist of The Year in the Platinum Vinyl Awards goes to Lara Landon.

I have a few more wrap-up posts to go. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.