Monday, January 7, 2013

Music Video Monday: Between the Raindrops

Welcome to the return of Music Video Monday, and the first edition of this regular column for 2013. We shall see how quick we can get up to speed, but at least we have one new video.

Our new video comes from a crossover group by the name of Lifehouse. They released their latest, Almeria, on December 11 of 2012. Their first video for the album is entitled Between the Raindrops and features Natasha Bedingfield.
That pretty much catches us up. I do have a preview of sorts. The electronic group Capital Kings. They release their self-titled debut Tomorrow. This is the Lyric video for I Feel So Alive.

Another Lyric Video Preview. Overcome releases No Reserves, No Retreats, No Regrets tomorrow, and since this is a Thrash-Metal Band, my usually cool treatment of Lyric Videos is tempered, since it is the only way I will figure out what they're singing. This is Verum.

I think I may have shared this earlier, but I will do so again. Karyn Williams releases her debut Album Only You Tomorrow as well. This is the title video.

That wraps everything up. I hope things pick up soon, or we shall be on a somewhat irregular schedule. No worries, though. If that happens I will fill the space with PVA Video Nominations. See You next Monday. I am Awaiting Your Reply