Friday, January 11, 2013

Flashback Friday: Know The Code

Welcome everyone to an all new Flashback Friday. 2013 Will be in full swing before you know it. One of the signs of this is the return of both Flashback Friday and Music Video Monday.

Today's Flashback Friday post is about the Synthpop band known as Code of Ethics. Begun in the 90's and gaining their initial fame through Youth With A Mission touring, the group, which contained Barry Blaze and a rotating support staff, released five albums in its First Life, which lasted from 1990-1999
  • Visual Paradox (1991)
  • Code of Ethics (1993)
  • Arms Around The World (1995)
  • Soulbait (1997)
  • Blaze (1999)
At this point the initial Europop Band broke up. This is the official music video for soulbait.

A nine year hiatus pretty much put this band on the "Where are they Now?" list. Blaze retired to Florida and became a Worship Leader. Not really surprising since Blaze was a worship album of sorts. The retirement was almost permanent, however. A near fatal motorcycle accident in 2004 resulted in almost total blindness and deafness. Almost being the operative word.

Code of Ethics returned in 2008 with Lost in Egypt. Personally, I believe it is among his best work. Initially it was offered as a Free Download and I was online at Midnight for the release, because initial rumors was that it was going to be an extremely limited release. Code of Ethics has returned one more time with Beautiful Thing (2011), which was briefly in the running for a Platinum Vinyl Award last year.

Since his health problems most likely preclude a full return to touring, Blaze has turned to the business end of music, launching his own indie label, Razzbarry Records, which contains Blaze, Code of Ethics, The Great Transparency and Temple Veil as artists. Even though it has only been a year, here's hoping that the CEO gig can be part time and COE will soon return to the "recording studio".

Next week we shall conclude our current three post cycle with A Real Alternative, and our subject will be another band almost in a permanent breakup. Two words for a hint. Kiss Me.
Until next we meet, I am Awaiting Your Reply.