Friday, January 18, 2013

Flashback Friday: Kiss Me

Welcome back to an all new edition of Flashback Friday. We are concluding our current three post rotation with A Real Alternative. This weeks band toiled fairly obscurely in the CCM world until a simple request for a kiss thrust them into the mainstream.

Sixpence None The Richer, or simply Sixpence, was one of the Pioneers of Christian Alternative in the late 90's. It was fitting perhaps, that they were launched into the forefront by probably the most Alternative Artist of them all, Steve Taylor. Taylor, like Sixpence, and a lot of artists with crossover appeal, was uneasy with the "Christian Band" Label. Though there was no doubt about Christian bona-fides. They never fit in with the mold the industry tried to fit them in. Unlike other bands, however, (Evanescence, Creed, and recently P.O.D. come to mind) they were able to walk the tightrope fairly easily.

Kiss me started it all, on their self titled album back in 1997, which was actually their third album, though for all intents and purposes, most people think it is their debut.

The album also featured a hidden track cover of "there she goes" by the La La's on a later pressing.

It took five long years for Leigh Nash and company to come up with another album and Divine Discontent (2002) was the result. With this album the Crossover was complete, and some would say that they were no longer "Christian". Breathe Your Name was the big single, and they did another cover, this time of Don't Dream it's Over by Crowded House. Ironically, the name was prophetic, because within to years the band broke up.

The breakup lasted a decade, and was finally fixed last year, with the release of Lost in Transition (2012). The album was released to mixed reviews. While it doesn't have the magic of their eponymous release, it marks a fitting entry point back in the market. As they say, better sooner than later.

That concludes our look at sixpence. There is one additional note. During their decade long hiatus Leigh teamed up with one of my favorite Techno bands in Delerium and the result was known as Fauxliage. I think Sixpence needs to look in this direction in the future. Who knows. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.