Sunday, November 4, 2012

Warm Tones: The 2012 4th Quarter - Rock

The end is here. At least the announcement of  the 4th Quarter eligible releases for the 3rd Annual Platinum Vinyl Awards. The final genre is Rock, and there were six eligible entries in this quarter. Once again, that is almost an entire genre list in the finals.

One change, I have decided to make this post on a Sunday, and I usually take Sunday off. However I made an executive decision to run a Sunday post in order to start things off fresh with Music Video Monday. Without ado, Rock the 4th.
That completes the 4th Quarter 2012 Rollout. Some may be surprised to see Mac Powell in my list of Rock entries, considering his solo debut was marketed as Country. When I listened to the album, I didn't think it strayed but a few centimeters from the Third Day Southern Rock Tree. Of course that's a very fine line with Powell, but he walks it fine. Of the above entries The Insyderz and Rhett Walker Band have the best chance to move on to the finals. Until Music Video Monday, I am Awaiting Your Reply.