Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Are You An Outlaw?

Southern Rock is something that has been somewhat a favorite of mine. When done correctly, there is just enough Southern to give it a good ol boy feel without triggering my Country Music Gag reflex, and at the same time to give plenty of bass heavy rock and roll goodness.

Two who do it to perfection are Third Day and Disciple. All the better that they both have new releases this month. We shall begin with the latter.

I came late to the Disciple party. Part of it was due to their name, which doesn't exactly scream rock and roll. It was only after I heard their music on the Internet that I was hooked, and that was on the Southern Hospitality (2008) tour, which was their eighth album. To quote their first album, "What was I thinking?"

Kevin Young and company have put it all together for their tenth release in a so far seventeen year career. O God Save Us All , releasing today, may not have an abundance of Rock Anthems like Southern Hospitality, but that only means that they had an opportunity to stretch their collective legs. Things get off to a rocking start with Outlaws, and though there are a few pauses for ballads, that's all the better for an album. Maybe I'm in the minority as a guy who can appreciate a great rock ballad, but all anthem all the time can tire you out after a while. The adrenaline can only flow so long before the tank is empty. The album closes with a ballad, and while sometimes I think that is a mistake. Start and Go out with a bang, I say. In this case we close with a love song Trade A Moment, which recalls coming home after life on the road. 

So baby let's go dance across the sky tonight, cause no mountain could keep me from your arms tonight. Of all the things in my life, that I could rewrite, I wouldn't trade a moment with you
Ladies, tell me if this doesn't just drip romance. I think the answer is yes. I'd love to have written it myself.

I'm giving O God Save Us All a just short of perfect 4.75 Emeralds. In its own way it is just as good as Horseshoes and Handgrenades, which won the Platinum Vinyl Awards for Hard Rock. I may have set the minimum bar at 4.75 very early, but I think it deserves it. You really hate to be like the Figure Skating Judge that sees a stunningly awesome routine right out of the gate and then has to give 4.5 across the board, because by tradition "the best skaters come later". Yet when that skater falls four times, they have no choice left but to go 10 across the board. I try not to do that. I want to recognize the best as the best. As always, I ask you to order through Amazon by clicking the links in this post. You will get a great album and support the Night Beat at the same time. Thank You, and as I always say in closing, I am Awaiting Your Reply.