Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hail Ronaldus Magnus

Today is a special day. No, not that unimportant sporting event between two teams of 300+ pound men in a certain city in Texas which is an excuse to charge exorbitant rates for advertising. Today is the 100th Anniversary of February 6, 1911, also known as the 100th Birthday of Ronald Reagan.

My first vote in an election of any size was for Reagan on November 6, 1984, and I have cast a Republican ballot ever since, though sometimes I have felt I had to hold my nose at some of the candidates available to me. In the Northeast the great majority of Republicans were and still are RINO's which stands for Republican In Name Only. They usually believe in compromise, which means let the Democrats have their way. Curiously, compromise never goes the other way. When Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House she promises to "Support Bush when he was right and Oppose him when he was wrong". She never supported him. America does not want Kum-by-ya, they want two parties (at least) with Distinct Views so that a Choice can be made clearly. Lincoln and Reagan would love the Tea Party and Sarah Palin and Paul LePage. Both of them would despise Olympia Snow and Susan Collins, John McCain and other RINO's. The Republican Party was born of Abolitionist fervor that tore a nation apart in order that it would remain united for all time. I have no doubt that both Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan would be members of the Tea Party. Their Ideals gave it birth.

A Very Happy 100th, Gipper.