Sunday, February 27, 2011

We all live in a Yellow Cavalier

Sorry about the Beatles reference. It was a nice song, though, and a pretty good movie. Of course the actual line is "We all live in a Yellow Submarine", but my brief review is about a band called Anthem Lights, which had an indie release under the name Yellow Cavalier in 2009. In that iteration, band members Chad Graham, Caleb Grimm, Kyle Kupecky, and Alan Powell, who are all vocalists, would have been charitably described as a "Boy Band", in the vein of NKOTB. I was introduced to them via a free download of "Nowhere to go", and while it wasn't as gag inducing as the typical boy band, I wasn't rushing out to buy the CD.

Now the same members have re-branded themselves as Anthem Lights, and have released a three song EP. Gone is the Boy Band, and now we have straight up pop rock. I am going to give the EP 3.5 Emeralds. It's a much better product, but it is only three songs. Because of that I would avoid the physical CD and go the download route for Can't Shut Up, I Wanna Know You Like That and Can't Get Over You. A Full release is promised for May 10. I will be holding off of any verdict until then.